A buyer's guide to suppliers of non-GMO and organic seeds, grains, ingredients, feed and foods

The Organic & Non-GMO Sourcebook suppliers of non-gmo food products
Cibara International

Non-GMO Suppliers by Product Category

Soybeans, Non-GMO and/or Organic

* Organic
* Non-GMO Project verified company

ACES (Asia/Australia)
ADM (Archer Daniels Midland)
ADM Spyck GmbH (Europe)
AFG Brasil S.A. (Latin/South America)
Agra Development International
Agrawal Oil & Biocheam * (Asia/Australia)
Agri Exim * *
AgriCert * (Europe)
Agricola Grains SpA * (Europe)
Agrokor trgovina d.d. (Europe)
AgroTrace S.A. (Europe)
Ajit Singh Om Parkash (ASOP), Pvt. Ltd. * (Asia/Australia)
All Star Trading *
Amaggi Agro (Latin/South America)
Amaggi Europe B.V. (Europe)
America Pampa Agroindustrial S.A. (Latin/South America)
AmurAgroCenter, LLC (Asia/Australia)
Arvind Limited * (Asia/Australia)
Askagro Commodities, Pvt. Ltd. * (Asia/Australia)
Atlantic Soy Corporation (Canada)
Atul Mundhra & Associates (Asia/Australia)
Baker Brothers
Bauman's Cedar Valley Farms
BBasis (Latin/South America)
Bluegrass Farms of Ohio, Inc. *
Broadgrain Commodities, Inc. * (Canada)
Brushvale Seed, Inc. *
Callingwood Agricultural Services * (Canada)
Canfield Family Farm
Cappel Certified Seeds, Inc.
Cargill * *
Central Plains Organic Farmers (CPOF) *
Cereal Docks Group * (Europe)
CFS Specialties, Inc. (Cashton Farm Supply, Ltd.) *
Chesapeake Fields Farmers Cooperative
Choice Grain, LLC *
Citizens, LLC
CJS Trading Co. *
Clarkson Grain Company, Inc. *
Colorado Federal Agency
Consolidated Grain and Barge Co.
Crooked Creek Acres, Inc. * (Canada)
Dakota Pride Cooperative
Davis Trade & Commodities *
Denofa A.S. (Europe)
DFI Organics (Doens Food Ingredients) *
DG Global, Inc. * (Canada)
Dutch Organic Trade International * (Europe)
Elhadary Group
Emperor Overseas, LLP * (Asia/Australia)
EnerAll (Latin/South America)
Ethics Organic * (Asia/Australia)
Everbest Organics *
Falcon Trading International *
Farri Gabriel (Europe)
Field Farms Marketing, Ltd. * * (Canada)
Fifth Strategy (Asia/Australia)
FRANK Food Products * (Europe)
Global Commodity, LLC
Global Processing, Inc. *
Grain Millers, Inc. * *
Grain Place Foods, Inc. * *
Grainworks, Inc. * (Canada)
Grass & Sons Seed
Green Prairie Specialties
Growers International Organic Sales, Inc. (Canada)
HC International, Inc. *
Healthy Food Ingredients (HFI) * *
Hensall Co-op (Canada)
Highfield Farm Asset Services *
HTAD Agri Estates, Ltd.
Huron (Canada)
Interrupcion * (Latin/South America)
IOM Grain, LLC
IP Agri Trading, Inc. * (Canada)
Jayshree Agro Products * (Asia/Australia)
JB Global Co., LLC *
JFK Farms
Kadelbach Organic Farms, LLC *
Kanha Enterprises * (Asia/Australia)
KG Agri Products, Inc. * *
Kialla Pure Foods, Pty. Ltd. * (Asia/Australia)
KMS Exports, Pvt. Ltd. (Asia/Australia)
Knewtson Soy Products, LLP
KTM Farm
Kumagro * (Latin/South America)
La Coop Fédérée (Canada)
Lackawanna Products Corp * (Canada)
Lackawanna Products Corp. *
Lakeview Farms *
Langeland Farms, Inc. *
Laura Soybeans
London Agricultural Commodities (Canada)
Manna International, Inc. * (Canada)
Meadowland Soy *
Midwest Organic Farmers Cooperative (MOFC) *
Montague Farms, Inc.
Mostert Oilseeds B.V. (Europe)
MPG Agri Trading (Europe)
Multiple Organics, Inc. * *
Naturesy Agro Farms * (Asia/Australia)
Naturz Organics China * * (Asia/Australia)
Nobilis Overseas, LLP * (Asia/Australia)
Noble Ecotech Biofoods, Ltd. * (Asia/Australia)
Non-GMO Trading UG (Europe)
Obba Trade *
Ondrejicka Elevators, Ltd. (Canada)
OPINS Organic Coop * *
Organic Farmers of Michigan, LLC *
Organic Partners International, LLC *
Organic Stuff * (Asia/Australia)
Organique Foods (Europe)
Organique International Organic * (Canada)
Original Organics *
Pacific Grain & Foods *
Pacific Soybean & Grain *
Pajarito Trading SRL * (Latin/South America)
Pakev International
Parrish and Heimbecker (Canada)
Perdue AgriBusiness * *
Pethas, BVBA * (Europe)
Petroagro (Latin/South America)
Prolific Business Agency
Provalcid Inc. * (Canada)
Providence Grain Solutions * (Canada)
Radiance Overseas * (Asia/Australia)
Rakhi Overseas * (Asia/Australia)
RedSun International (Canada)
Richland IFC, Inc. *
Rio Grande Agricola S.A. (Latin/South America)
Rivara S.A. * * (Latin/South America)
Rizoma Agricultura Regenerativa * (Latin/South America)
Roberts Seed, Inc. *
Rogers Grain, Inc.
Rural Route 1 Farms *
Sapthsathi Organic Agriculture Project * (Asia/Australia)
Satguru Organics, Pvt. Ltd. * (Asia/Australia)
SB&B Foods, Inc. * *
Schlieckau Bros., LLC
Scoular * *
Semences Prograin, Inc. (Canada)
Sethi Seeds India, Pvt. Ltd. * (Asia/Australia)
Sevita International * (Canada)
SG Ceresco, Inc. * (Canada)
Shanti Worldwide * (Asia/Australia)
Sheppard Grain Enterprises, LLC *
Shiv Vegpro, Pvt. Ltd. (Asia/Australia)
Shivam Enterprises * (Asia/Australia)
Shree Kalka Global * (Asia/Australia)
Shree Ram Fibres India, Pvt. Ltd. * (Asia/Australia)
Shri Raghuvansh Enterprises * (Asia/Australia)
Shri Sumati Oil Industries, Pvt. Ltd. * (Asia/Australia)
Shyam Industries * (Asia/Australia)
Silos du Touch (Europe)
Sinamco Trading *
Snobelen Farms, Ltd. (Canada)
Sodrugestvo Group of Companies (Europe)
Soja de France / Soybean of France * (Europe)
Sojaprotein (Europe)
Soon Soon Oilmills Sdn. Bhd. (Asia/Australia)
Southwest Agromart * (Canada)
Soya Trading * (Europe)
Soybean International * (Canada)
SoybeanPremiums.org *
Soycain Worldwide, Ltd. * (Europe)
Soyko International *
ST-Lawrence Beans (Division of Agrocentre Belcan) * (Canada)
Stonebridge, Ltd. *
Sunrise Foods International, Inc. * (Canada)
Sur Basant Overseas, Pvt. Ltd. * (Asia/Australia)
SureSource Commodities * (Canada)
Terra Ingredients *
Thayer Feed & Seed *
The Andersons * *
The DeLong Company, Inc. * *
The Malwa Vanaspati and Chemical Co., Ltd. * (Asia/Australia)
The Natural Soybean and Grain Alliance
The Norgrow Partnership (Europe)
The Redwood Group *
Thompsons Limited * (Canada)
Tiger Soy, LLC * *
TLS Mercantile, Pvt. Ltd. * (Asia/Australia)
Topstrata Consulting (Asia/Australia)
Trace Cooperative *
Tuba Trade * (Asia/Australia)
University of Minnesota
Vantage Organic Foods, Pvt. Ltd. * (Asia/Australia)
Vimala Food Products * (Asia/Australia)
WeFARM Organics *
Wehrmann Grain & Seed, Ltd. * (Canada)
West Central Cereal Grains, LLC *
Wholesome Grain Solutions * *
Windy Acres Farm *