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Company/Organization Details

Matrix Fine Sciences, Pvt. Ltd.
12 Shilp Nagar, Station Rd.
Aurangaba, Maharashtra  431005
Phone: 91-776-706-6114
Contact: Mr. Anuj Kabra
Products: Natural mixed tocopherol (non-GMO soy), d-alpha tocopherol (non-GMO soy/sunflower), d-alpha tocopheryl succinate (non-GMO soy/sunflower), d-alpha tocopheryl acetate (non-GMO soy/sunflower), natural refined phytosterol (non-GMO soy/sunflower), natural phytosterol esters (non-GMO soy/sunflower)
Non-GMO Status Supported By: CERT-ID certified for identity and traceability