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Company/Organization Details

Non-GMO Project Verified
Austrade, Inc.
3309 Northlake Blvd., Ste. 201
Palm Beach Gardens, FL  33403
United States
Phone: 561-586-7145
Fax: 561-585-7164
Contact: Gary Bartl
Products: Potato, corn, wheat, and waxy maize starches; corn syrups and syrup solids, fructose syrups, HFCS, maltodextrins, dextrose, beet sugar, rice-based sweeteners, natural sweeteners from fruit; soy, sunflower, and rapeseed lecithins; organic: plant proteins, whole fruit and juice powders, nut and seed oils, seed extracts, and protein flours
Non-GMO Status Supported By: Non-GMO Project Verified, Genetic ID, Cert ID, organic certification