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Suppliers of Non-GMO Products - International


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International Sugars, Inc.
91 Conair Pkwy.
Woodbrdige, ON  L4H 0S4
Phone: 905-851-0851
Contact: Margaret Bullock-Hétu
Products: Organic and conventional sugar, cane sugar, glucose, invert, rice and rice flours, sustainable palm oils, quinoa, brown rice syrup, tapioca syrup, molasses, agave, demerara, fair-trade organic sugar, brown sugar, liquid sweeteners, and powdered sugar (icing sugar)
Non-GMO Status Supported By: Organic certification, Non-GMO Project verification, non-GMO affidavits
IP Agri Trading Inc.
2513 Beacon Ave. / P.O. Box 2748
Sidney, British Columbia  V8L 5Y9
Phone: 250-655-6688
Contact: Steven Scholze
Products: Hard identity preserved non-GMO soybeans, less than 0.01% detectable GMO with IP traceable certifications; soft IP and non-GMO soybeans for food or feed; dry edible beans and special crops; conventional or certified organic; USA or Canadian origin
Non-GMO Status Supported By: ECOCERT certified
Jones Feed Mills, Ltd.
1024 Alfred St.
Linwood, ON  N0B 2A0
Phone: 519-698-2082 / 800-265-8735
Fax: 519-698-2719
Products: Non-GMO and organic soybeans and pelleted feed rations for all species of livestock
Just Hemp Foods Inc.
P.O. Box 38
Niverville, MB  R0A 1E0
Phone: 800-720-5523
Products: Non-GMO Project verified hulled hemp seeds, toasted hemp seeds, and hemp seed oil
Non-GMO Status Supported By: Non-GMO Project verified
Katrina Distributions, Inc.
941 Boul Industriel
Terrebonne, QC  J6Y 1V7
Phone: 450-621-1506
Fax: 450-621-4970
Contact: Robert Geoffrey / Rachel Guerin
Products: Non-GMO expeller pressed: RBD canola oil, RBD high oleic canola oil, and olive oil
La Coop Fédérée
9001 L'Acadie Blvd., Ste. 200
Montreal, QC  H4N 3H7
Phone: 514-858-2103
Fax: 514-384-0511
Contact: Gino Becerra
Products: Non-GMO soybeans and IP food-grade soybeans
Lang Farms
RR #1
Chepstow, ON  N0G 1K0
Phone: 519-881-1114
Fax: 519-881-2290
Contact: Tony Lang
Products: Non-GMO soybeans
Non-GMO Project Verified
Left Coast Naturals
4612 Dawson St.
Burnaby, BC  V5C 4C3
Phone: 604-879-9100
Fax: 604-879-9164
Products: Organic and natural food manufacturer and distributor of nearly 30 brands and 200 bulk foods to grocery, specialty, and natural food stores across Western Canada; includes grains, oilseeds, cereals, flours, sweeteners, nuts, pulses, and dried fruits
LegumexWalker, Inc.
Saskatoon, SK  S7K 1V6
Phone: 306-659-3401
Fax: 306-664-3320
Contact: Tanya Hoayek
Products: Confection and black oil sunflower, lentils, beans, flaxseed, whole and split peas, beans, millet, buckwheat, chickpeas, canola oil and meal
London Agricultural Commodities
1615 N. Routledge Park, Unit 43
London, ON  N6H 5L6
Phone: 519-473-9333
Fax: 519-473-5781
Contact: Richard Smibert
Products: Non-GMO and identity preserved soybeans

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