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Suppliers of Non-GMO Products - International


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Canuk Sales
5178 Jefferies Rd.
Duncan, BC  V9L 6S8
Phone: 250-748-6073 / 877-748-3048
Fax: 250-748-3090
Contact: Larry Whetstone
Products: All non-GMO: yellow corn, rice, pulses, soy products, sunflower lecithin and oil, soymeal, soy flour, corn starch, corn oil, inulin, tapioca starch, gluten-free cassava flour, Jerusalem artichoke flour, and feed stock
Crooked Creek Acres, Inc.
1584 Melwood Dr.
Strathroy, ON  N7G 3H5
Phone: 519-247-3530
Fax: 519-247-3225
Contact: Rob Langford
Products: Identity preserved, non-GMO food-grade soybeans, organic soybeans
De Dell Seeds
967 Valetta St.
London, ON  N6H 2Z7
Phone: 519-473-6175
Fax: 519-473-2970
Contact: Vince Trudell
Products: Non-GMO and organic seed corn
DG Global, Inc.
216 Glen Park Ave.
Toronto, ON  M6B 2J2
Phone: 416-782-1942
Fax: 416-782-1935
Contact: Dwight Gerling
Products: Non-GMO and organic soybeans; non-GMO: soybean seeds, flax, sunflower seeds, and wheat
Farmer Direct Co-operative, Ltd.
1536 Victoria Avenue
Regina, SK  S4P OP5
Phone: 306-352-2444
Fax: 306-352-2443
Contact: Jason Freeman
Products: Certified organic and certified domestic Fair Trade oilseeds (hemp and flax), pulses (lentils and peas), grains (barley, wheat, spelt, and others)
Field Farms Marketing, Ltd.
4922 Lasalle Line
Petrolia, ON  N0N 1R0
Phone: 519-882-2976
Fax: 519-882-3988,
Contact: Rita Felder
Products: Certified organic soybeans, soft and hard wheat, corn, oats, barley, millet, flaxseed, spelt, peas, rice, sunflower seeds, alfalfa/hay, cotton, edible beans, durum, sweeteners, many processed products, and animal feed
Fieldstone Organics
4851 Schubert Rd.
Armstrong, BC  V0E 1B4
Phone: 250-546-4558
Fax: 250-546-4815
Contact: Paula Siddons
Products: Whole grains, seeds and legumes: barley, emmer, buckwheat, flax, khorasan, black lentils, green lentils, French green lentils, oats, rye, spelt, split yellow peas, hard red spring wheat, red fife, soft white wheat, peas, soup mix, ultimate whole cereal, okanagan apple cereal
6101 Valley FIeld Cres
Ottawa, ON  K1C5P6
Phone: 613-852-4055
Contact: Adam Fortier
Products: All types of wheat, pulses, peas, and grains
Grainworks, Inc.
P.O. Box 30
Vulcan, AB  T0L 2B0
Phone: 403-485-3756
Fax: 403-485-6459
Products: Over 100 choices of organic grains, peas, beans, cracked grain, flour, flakes, mixes and baking ingredients
Griffith Laboratories, Ltd.
757 Pharmacy Ave.
Toronto, ON  M1L 3J8
Phone: 416-288-3444
Fax: 416-288-3481
Contact: Elaine Wells
Products: Non-GMO dry seasoning blends, coating systems, and crumbs

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